Who can apply for a mortgage with International Investors Mortgage?

Any EB-5 Investor who has an approved I-526 application is currently eligible to apply for a mortgage with International Investors Mortgage. In exceptional circumstances, the loans could potentially be extended to EB-5 investors awaiting the adjudication of their I-526 applications.

The loan can be taken out in the name of a family member, an LLC, or a trust associated with the primary applicant of the I-526 petition, if that is more beneficial for your needs.

Why is it so difficult for EB-5 investors to get traditional mortgages?

Real estate is known to be a stable asset, one that creates wealth for its investors. However, foreign nationals face significant challenges when trying to settle in the US, as most are ineligible to apply for standard home loans through traditional lenders.
Foreign nationals that do not have a SSN or ITIN, have not lived or worked in the US, or do not have a strong, long standing credit history are unable to qualify for a mortgage with most lenders.

This means that foreign nationals usually pay a significant cash amount upfront if they wish to own property in the U.S, which can often be burdensome especially after investing in an EB-5 project.
Complicating things further, several countries have foreign exchange controls in place and restrict large remittances of money overseas.

International Investors Mortgage was established to help ease these pain points for EB-5 investors, allowing them to purchase real estate in the US, without incurring significant cash outlays after their EB-5 investment.

Why should an EB-5 applicant work with International Investors Mortgage?

We are founded and managed by experienced professionals from the residency by investment and mortgage industries, with the mission of providing attractive financing and credit solutions to EB-5 applicants.

We understand the pain points that EB-5 investors face when wanting to purchase property in the US. Our tailored solutions ensure that having EB-5 investment capital locked-up for anywhere from 5-15 years does not limit an investor’s purchasing power when considering real estate in the US.

What are the benefits of securing a loan for an EB-5 investor?

Purchasing real estate in the US allows an investor the option of using the property for their own accommodations (which can offer significant cost savings to investors otherwise paying rent), generating rental income, or simply to holding an investment property for later capital gains.

These opportunities offer investors the upside of long term real estate investment and overall wealth creation and management. Furthermore, mortgages can offer investors several tax benefits. Please see more information on this below.

For EB-5 applicants in particular, this mortgage provides an easy way to develop a credit history in the US. Additionally, owning property in the US is viewed positively during the I-829 application process, as it shows a commitment to building a life in the US which is essential for granting the Permanent Green Card.

Does this interfere with my EB-5 Green Card Application?

This mortgage will not interfere with an EB-5 application. On the contrary, securing a mortgage can and may be viewed positively for the investor in the application’s adjudication process as it shows intention to reside.

Having a mortgage helps an investor develop a credit history, documents banking transactions to service this mortgage, and establishes a clear intention to build a life in the United States. These are an essential part of the I-829 application.

We encourage you to contact your immigration attorney and facilitate an introduction to us to discuss further.

What can this mortgage be used to purchase?

The investor can purchase any type of real estate in the US for either residential or commercial use.

The property can be for personal use, which can offer significant cost savings to investors otherwise paying rent, or used as an investment opportunity to generate rental income from either residential or commercial property.

What is the loan amount that International Investors Mortgage is willing to lend?

International Investors Mortgage & our partners are able to process loans in the range of $200,000 to above $1,000,000, depending on the purchase price of the property.

The exact loan amount, along with its terms and conditions, is dependent on several factors particular to each investor, including the status of their EB-5 application, the project they invested in.

What percentage of down payment should I expect to provide at the time of purchasing the property?

Most of these mortgages will generally require a down payment of between 10-20% of the property purchase value.

That being noted, the most important factors determining the down payment are the amount the investor wants to borrow and the value of the property they wish to purchase.

How is the interest rate for this loan determined?

There are several criteria and factors that will determine the interest rate suitable for any given purchase, including, but not limited to:

  • The status of a foreign national’s EB-5 application
  • The EB-5 project that has been invested in, including its structure and compliance with USCIS practices and regulations;
  • The appraisal of the property the investor would like to buy, to be verified by third party appraisers;
  • The credit rating (past and current income and net worth) of the EB-5 applicant’s family in their home country or in the United States.

Since International Investors Mortgage is lending to investors without the traditional requirements imposed by US financial regulations, such as existing US credit history, it is important to note that the interest rates of our offering will be higher than traditional mortgage rates. 

Contact Us to learn more & fill out a prequalification form that helps us give you a quote.

Are there any tax benefits for mortgage loan payments?

Homeowners in the US may be eligible for various tax benefits on their personal residence.

One or more the following deductions may be used to reduce a homeowner’s taxable income:

  • Mortgage interest paid
  • State and/or local property taxes paid
  • Private property insurance payments
  • Property closing costs and documentation fees

We recommend all investors to reach out to their trusted tax advisors for a full explanation of the tax benefits associated with home ownership, as these may be applicable not only to reducing taxable income but also to the final cost considerations for purchasing a home.

Once I purchase the property with a mortgage loan from International Investors Mortgage, how do the monthly installments get structured?

Like any conventional mortgage, a loan from International Investors Mortgage will be serviced through monthly mortgage payments which are a combination of principal repayment and interest. The terms will be structured with the investor prior to lending, and will take into consideration a repayment plan suitable for each particular investor.

What happens in the case of a default on the mortgage repayment?

Like any mortgage solution, the primary lien the lender will hold is on the property itself. In case of a default, International Investors Mortgage LLC and our underwriting and loan enforcement partners reserve the right to take possession of the property to recover the unpaid amount. 

In the highly unlikely case the value of the property does not cover the value of the outstanding loan for any reasons, then we also reserve the right to recover any additional outstanding dues through methods previously agreed with the applicants and documented in the loan agreement.

Can I repay the loan earlier than the granted term?

Yes, of course. Our loans may be repaid early or refinanced at any stage.

It is important to note, however, that our loans generally have a 5 year lock-in period, so a small penalty fee may apply in the event of early repayment within the lock-in period.

We encourage investors to review the offer letter and the contractual documents that will include the terms and conditions associated with early repayment.

Does International Investors Mortgage help me identify, purchase and maintain the property?

International Investors Mortgage LLC is focused on helping you fund your purchase. We understand that identifying the best property, and maintaining it, are also key aspects of the purchasing process that can be challenging without proper guidance. To assist with this, we work with partners that are experts in selecting property for either residence or income investment. We also have partners that can manage the rental process for you. Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we will be happy to make the appropriate introductions to our partners.

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