A New Mortgage Designed
for International Investors

When you consider moving to the United States, one of the biggest challenges is learning about the property market and evaluating whether to buy a primary residence, buy a property for a family member or buy an investment property.

Then when you have found a property you like, commercial banks are often not permitted to make a mortgage loan to a borrower without a US credit history and social security number.

We work with EB-5 investors to evaluate property choices and a mortgage designed for international investors to purchase a home or real estate asset by collateralizing their EB-5 investment.

With as little as 10% down, up to $1 million can be made available as a loan to qualified investors.

Challenges International Investors Face When Buying Property in the US
  • Understanding the complexities of the US property market & finance options
  • Substantial down payment requirement because of insufficient US credit history
  • Capital tied up in an illiquid EB-5 investment
  • Foreign exchange and/or capital controls in their home country
  • Limited liquidity in the United States
How this Offering Benefits International Investors
  • Leverage the value in your EB-5 investment as collateral much before its actual return by the project
  • Allows you to build a US credit history, which will benefit your I-829 processing
  • Significantly reduces the down payment required
  • End to end white glove service for identifying, buying, financing, and managing your property
  • You can purchase any type of property, either residential or commercial, for both personal use or as an investment.
  • Ability to purchase the property in the name of anyone in your family, a trust, or LLC
  • Potential to save on rental expenses or purchase an income producing property
  • Tax deductions on interest expense by homeowners, as allowed by federal tax laws
  • Benefit from the long term appreciation of the property’s value
  • Flexibility for early repayment and refinancing options

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A US mortgage backed by an existing EB-5 investment is a very customized loan.  We can give you more detail on how it would work for you, just fill in the form below and we will contact you.

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